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Small Family Pack Hand Sanitizer

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Small Family Pack Hand Sanitizer you get the lower price and it’s serves your small family. It’s kills 99.9% germs with 70% alcohol-based solution which helps to reduce bacteria on the skin. It is enriched with moisturizer and vitamin E. atHerb Sanitizer is liquid-based and helps to keep the hands soft, fresh and germ-free. These sanitizer bottles are convenient to carry and can be placed anywhere from your pocket, purse or bag for convenience.

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Hand sanitizer best to protect you from outcome germs. Out sanitizer gives you 99.9% protection from germs, it has 70% alcohol, 2.5% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and approved colors and fragments use. Its followed the CDC and FDC guidelines – trademarked on Dermocliv Hand Sanitizer. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungus and also helps reduce the spread of infection and virus by hands. The gel-based formulation helps in restoring the hydration and moisture your hands need. The perfect sanitizer for you and your family!


Instant hand sanitizer that kills the toughest germs and virus.
This hand sanitizer with gentle, natural ingredients will leave your hands soft and fresh
Gentle and non-irritating formula that can be used by all
Easy to carry anywhere

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2×20 grams



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